Top 5 Pigeon 4 Burner Gas Stove 2021 [JANUARY]

Looking for the list of Pigeon 4 Burner Gas Stove Then you are landed at the right place at the right time. Our work is to provide you with satisfactory suggestions on the best pigeon gas stove in India.See other good articles includes best 4 Burner Gas Stove in India and the Best Gas Stove Brands In India.

Gas stoves are a significant part of kitchens around the planet for a lengthy time. Gas stoves will be the mainstay of virtually every sort of kitchen. Cooking on a gas stove appears far more linked than cooking any other device like a microwave or induction hob. Together with all the gas stoves, it’s possible to control the fire straight. That love for gasoline stoves grows exponentially once you look at India. Indian kitchens have been adored and advocated for gasoline stoves due to their easy features and very low cost.

However, by means of the 21st century, this modest gasoline stove has shifted quickly and has become a precious asset in the kitchen. Nowadays petrol stoves are made to look lovely and refined at precisely the exact same time since they were initially designed to cook. 21st century petrol stoves include a lot of facilities which produce the procedure simpler than earlier and adapt to all kinds of cooking methods. Modern kitchens need modern appearing gas stoves which don’t look out or from location whilst at the same time offering exceptional support. Gas stoves combines all of generations of kitchens , making a beautiful spa with cooking methods and recipes from Indian kitchens. Pigeons have kept families together using their gasoline stoves for centuries.

Types of Pigeon Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are no more ordinary burners that nourish your meals at the allotted time. These days, gas stoves with a number of burners, electric ignition, glass plates, layered flames, etc come with numerous properties. Here are the pigeon’s finest gas stoves:

1) Pigeon By Stovekraft Infinity 4 Burner Log Stove

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The Pigeon Infinity Log Stove is most likely among the most amazing four-burner gas stoves around the Indian sector. Using its screwed body, black orange and glass inserts on the rubber rack, it will certainly flex its head to the kitchen. This specific cooker includes four brass burners in 3 distinct sizes to satisfy your distinct cooking requirements while conserving fuel in precisely the exact same moment. Burners are outfitted with specially coated, non invasive, removable drip trays. It follows that not only will your own kitchen be tidy, but it is going to also be quite simple to wash out the gas stove. Burners also arrive with sleek and contemporary black pan affirms that go perfectly together with the complete colour palette of the oven and supply ample support for all sorts of dishes, pans and pots. The rack isn’t only beautifully made, but also has rubberized bottles and non invasive, making the gas stove considerably more powerful despite its lighter weight. Additionally, it puts well made buttons on the top for improved access.


  1. The Infinity Log Stove includes four burners, little, large and jumbo of 3 distinct sizes for utensils of distinct sizes.
  2. Four dishwashers are outfitted with detachable litter trays using a non stick coating, making cleaning the oven simpler.
  3. Your body colour pan assistance is slim and will adequately support any kind of pot.
  4. Buttons have been put on the top and supply excellent fire control to stop these fuels from being wasted.
  5. Clients have complained that the merchandise packaging is generally shabby and burners become loose after a couple of months.

2) Pigeon by Stovekraft Blaze Blackline Glass 4 Burner Gas Cooktop

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It is a gas cooker that cooks food economically and does this well. This specific oven includes four brass burners, with especially angled holes for greater heating. The burner has 2 big burners whereas another two are modest to look after all your different cooking requirements. Brass burners are encouraged by removable, powerful supports. Stainless steel drip tray which will help keep your kitchen fresh by preventing clogs throughout the cooking procedure. The burner is coated with a hefty 4 talked pan service, which retains the utensils optimally secure when cooking. The gas stove has a contemporary looking stainless steel frame with what’s known as the dovecote a hairline result that seems amazing. The hob is constructed from tough black glass which appears really nice and can be resistant to cracks and crumbs as a result of sharp warmth. Gas switches are especially designed to transport and defy cracks and are virtually indestructible. They also supply fire suppression and comprise educational markers.


  1. The hob is outfitted with four high quality brass burners which should cook evenly.
  2. Burners include removable stainless steel drip plates which keep your kitchen tidy.
  3. Pan service is overpowering and made to give ideal equilibrium for virtually any kind or form of marijuana.
  4. The casing of this cooker is constructed from beautifully made stainless steel and also the Kooktopt of tough black glass
  5. The gasoline starts to leak from this gasoline pipe after a couple of months.

3) Pigeon by Stovekraft Metallic Silver 4 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove

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It is a no-frills four-burner gas stove for a huge family. It’s four metal alloy burners that come in two distinct sizes to match the various dimensions utensils in your own kitchen. Brass burners are especially made with angles to boost fuel efficiency and disperse heat evenly across the bottom of the kettle in the middle. This makes for much better warmth and quicker cooking. The hob has got into a gorgeous metallic lacquer, adds a bright touch on the cooker also brings your kitchen . It includes a 2-year producer’s warranty on the furnace valve and burner. On the other hand, the item will last over two decades and will almost function you for a lifetime. The entire motto of the cooker is simplicity and restraint, and it’s reflected in gasoline switches. Simple in design, these buttons are hardy to grasp and are just marked.


  1. It is a straightforward and functional four-burner petrol stove.
  2. There are four aluminum metal burners in two distinct sizes for various utensils.
  3. There’s sufficient space on the hob to utilize all four bolts in precisely the exact same moment.
  4. It includes a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
  5. It’s better quality gasoline buttons which are simple to use and good for controlling the fires.
  6. For some folks, the layout could be slightly frightening.

4) Pigeon by Stovekraft Blackline Oval ZZ Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove

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Blackline Oval ZZ Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove is among the most innovative gas stoves available now. IT-intelligently designed, curved oblong bodies provide far superior accessibility. The brass burner includes a screwless stainless steel drip tray plus a black designer pan. In addition, it ensures heat supply and fuel protection during cooking time. As a result of layout, all four burners may be used in precisely the exact same time with no risk. This facility is extremely important in busy kitchens. The hob is created from heat-resistant tempered glass that has to be washed regularly. The remaining portion of the human body is made from matte stainless steel which looks classy. This gas stove is fundamentally the ideal blend of effective functionality and great looks. It’s equipped with ABS gasoline buttons that are extremely user friendly and also have quite precise flame control. Another quality of this gas oven is the simple fact it is actually simple to wash and barely needs any maintenance.


  1. This gasoline stove is designed to provide maximum space.
  2. All four burners can be used in precisely the same time due to the extra space on the hob.
  3. The hob is constructed from hard black glass that’s scratch and heat resistant.
  4. Four dishwashers are three-pole burners that undermine the heating output and cause greater heat supply.
  5. The knobs to control these burners are ABS controls that feel tight to the touch and are extremely accurate when it comes to controlling heat.
  6. Brenner starts to fail after a couple of months of normal usage.

5) Pigeon by Stovekraft 4 Burner Favorite Blackline Glass Cooktop

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This is another beautiful four burner gas stove from the house of the pigeons. It’s bigger than the other four burner stoves. However, the increased length means you could fit and cook in four different pots at the same time. This particular gas cooker is ISI certified and includes a two year guarantee on the burner, glass and gas valves. The oven usually lasts considerably longer than the warranty period. The four burners are made from a strong brass alloy and the kitchen has been made in two distinct sizes to suit different requirements. The gas stove includes a sleek stainless steel body that is cleverly constructed with angles and cuts that consider it futuristic. The Kooktop is made from hard black glass that is practically unbreakable. Additionally, it is resistant to stains and scratches and can withstand extreme heat, which makes it ideal for high pressure cooking. Screwless burners are stainless steel coated bowls which are incredibly easy to wash and will keep your kitchen clean. In addition you become hard pan assistance, made to hold pots and pans set up while they cook.


  1. The gas cooker has a very long surface.
  2.  It assists with cooking on all four burners at precisely the exact same moment.
  3. Burners come in two distinct sizes and are produced from a solid brass alloy.
  4. The gasoline cooker includes a designer stainless steel frame and is outfitted with a black tempered glass plate.
  5. The gasoline stove includes a 2-year warranty and can be ISI certified.
  6. It’s strong throttle buttons which are ergonomically designed for confidence.
  7. For many folks, buttons may be a bit overly stiff and lead to distress.

Pigeon Gas Stove Buying Guide

Now the kitchen appliance market is full of a great number of gas stoves created by various companies, each attempting to crowd each other in convenience and cost, picking a gas stove can be challenging for your house. Every company claims are the finest available on the market and all their products are promoted in a means that makes you feel just like each of them is ideal for your kitchen.

In a situation like this, it will become confusing and hard to select which gas cooker to invest your cash on. Gas stoves are a long-term investment and any choice involving Indian cuisine can’t be made fast. You have to thoroughly examine each attribute provided by various goods and choose which attributes are on your perfect gas stove. Here are some items to check when Searching for a gas cooker to the house:

  1. Obviously, among the first things That You Pick is yours
  2. The amount of distillers you see should count on the amount of members on your loved ones.
  3. Always purchase your gas stove just from the company that you expect or have a business with a excellent evaluation.
  4. You want to ensure the dimensions of your gas stove will suit your kitchen.
  5. Since gasoline stoves operate on flame, it’s very important that you verify the guarantee and warranty of the goods.
  6. When you have kids in the home, it’s crucial that you inspect the security features of this cooker.

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